About Us

Radio Virsa New Zealand or (RadioVirsaNZ)is a project of a group of New Zealand based Sikhs. Over time we have observed with increasing trepidation that in the name of virsa and virasat, creations of mediocre or even dubious artistic merit are being imposed on the Sikhs all over the world, and New Zealand is no exception.
We have noted that those who are being bombarded with such creations, appealing to the baser human instincts, tend to move away from Sikhi. It is our view that this is because of the fact that while Sikhi asks its followers to control (as opposed to being controlled by) Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Hankar, this post-1984 “virsa” overtly and brazenly advocates giving in to these baser human instincts. This is resulting in ever increasing distance between Sikh world view and the view propagated by what is being dished out in the name of “virsa”.
It is the aim of Radio Virsa to engage in an open and honest discussion of what is the virsa and what is the virasat of Sikhs. We will be engaging in this discussion from the vantage point of our core belief that as Sikhs our virsa and our virasat is bound by the principles of Gurbani and Gurbani alone. We do not accept as our Virsa any artistic creation (from any period including the post-modern period) that advocates a view contrary to the principles of Gurbani. This is the view that Radio Virsa’s programming will be guided by and we welcome constructive engagement about what we broadcast and what we refuse to broadcast.

Team Radio VirsaNZ